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Broad Oaks

Bespoke design

MADE were approached by the client to design a bespoke home in the garden for them following previous refusals. They wanted to retire in this bespoke house which was to be built in the place of an old swimming pool and sell the larger property at the front to make their retirement a comfortable one.

MADE proposed a scheme that nestled amongst the landscape and provided a part single storey and part two storey home that not only worked well with the clients but sat rather well in the context. Elegantly proportioned and carefully and meticulously detailed with a combination of modern contemporary elements, the house has a green roof and other sustainability features. The varying heights are carried through to the inside, creating exciting and engaging spaces throughout the house.

The site is rich with vegetation, which will be replenished after construction, and so the design took advantage of the opportunity for privacy, with floor to ceiling glazing, with additional privacy afforded by the wooden slatted façade. The different façade features are dispersed throughout the complex, giving a sense of variety yet united under one continuous theme. The glazed facades further enriches the dwelling with careful placement, allowing cool and crisp northern light to flood in, whilst reducing the harsher direct sunlight. 

The proposed building encompasses many unique sustainability features, making use of renewable and low emission energy sources, such as efficient lighting, both inside and outside the house. Energy consumption and C02 emissions will also be limited by way of passive ventilation with heat recovery features, whilst also being mindful of energy costs in construction.